The Cat! Porfirio’s Adventure Achievement List

One of the lads One of the lads
Prove yourself
Champion of the yard Champion of the yard
Become a champion of the yard
Electrician Electrician
Repair a TV antenna
Fearless Fearless
Kick away wolves by using a magic grass
All-round champion All-round champion
Become a Forest Cup Winner and the supreme champion of the neighborhood!
Meeting on the meadow Meeting on the meadow
Help Sunshine to meet with her friend
Treats for friends Treats for friends
Gather fishes for your friends
Rob the robbers Rob the robbers
Help to return grandpa’s fishes
Swinish behavior Swinish behavior
Return stolen apples to hares
The threat to wolves The threat to wolves
Finally deal with the wolves
Ambulance Ambulance
Help sick Prince
Flowers for a girlfriend Flowers for a girlfriend
Gather for Lusha most beautiful flowers
Poetry Poetry
Learn verses with Lusha