The Castles of Dr. Creep Achievement List

Watched the intro Watched the intro
Watch the entire introduction
Heard some tunes Heard some tunes
Listen to music during the introduction
Restored a save game Restored a save game
Restore your previous progress
Saved a game Saved a game
Save your progress
Unlimited Lives Unlimited Lives
Do a little cheating…
Open a Door Open a Door
Open a Door
Beam me up Beam me up
Use a Teleport
Death by TrapDoor Death by TrapDoor
Fall through an open trap door
Death by Voltage Death by Voltage
Killed by lightning strike
Death by Laser Death by Laser
Touch a laser beam
Death by Mummy Death by Mummy
Meet a mummy
Death by Frankie Death by Frankie
Touched by Frankenstein
Death comes to all... Death comes to all…
Die ten times
Death Achiever Death Achiever
Die 100 times
I need lives :-( I need lives 🙁
Lose a single player game
We need lives! :( We need lives! 🙁
Lose a two player game
Not just a rookie Not just a rookie
Escape once
A real pro A real pro
Escape 5 times
The Castle Master The Castle Master
Escape 14 times
Who needs lives? Who needs lives?
Escape a single player game without losing a life
We don't need lives! We don’t need lives!
Escape a two player game without losing a life
2 is better than 1 2 is better than 1
Escape a two player game with both players alive
Alternation Alternation
Escape from Alternation
Baskerville Baskerville
Escape from Baskerville
Callenwolde Callenwolde
Escape from Callenwolde
Carpathia Carpathia
Escape from Carpathia
Doublecross Doublecross
Escape from Doublecross
Freedonia Freedonia
Escape from Freedonia
LoveCraft LoveCraft
Escape from LoveCraft
Pathenia Pathenia
Escape from Pathenia
Rittenhouse Rittenhouse
Escape from Rittenhouse
Romania Romania
Escape from Romania
Tannenbaum Tannenbaum
Escape from Tannenbaum
Teasdale Teasdale
Escape from Teasdale
Tutorial Tutorial
Complete the Tutorial
Sylvania Sylvania
Escape from Sylvania