The Bunker Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
Last Goodbye Last Goodbye
Finish Chapter 2: Last Goodbye
Hidden Achievement
The Routine The Routine
Finish Chapter 3: The Routine
Hidden Achievement
Failure Failure
Finish Chapter 4: Failure
Hidden Achievement
Replace Fuse Replace Fuse
Finish Chapter 5: Replace Fuse
Hidden Achievement
Alarm Alarm
Finish Chapter 6: Alarm
Hidden Achievement
Air Filtration Air Filtration
Finish Chapter 7: Air Filtration
Hidden Achievement
Broken Broken
Finish Chapter 8: Broken
Hidden Achievement
Radiation Radiation
Finish Chapter 9: Radiation
Hidden Achievement
Descent Descent
Finish Chapter 10: Descent
Hidden Achievement
Awakenings Awakenings
Finish Chapter 11: Awakenings
Hidden Achievement
Cold Storage Cold Storage
Finish Chapter 12: Cold Storage
Hidden Achievement
Stay Stay
Choose to stay
Hidden Achievement
Leave Leave
Choose to leave
Mother Mother
Find toy: Mother
Commissioner Commissioner
Find toy: Commissioner
Doctor Doctor
Find toy: Doctor
Churchill Churchill
Find toy: Churchill
Nurse Nurse
Find toy: Nurse
General General
Find toy: General
Engineer Engineer
Find toy: Engineer
Soldier Soldier
Find toy: Soldier
Sam Sam
Find toy: Sam
Friends Friends
Find all of the toys
The Missing Piece The Missing Piece
Find the missing puzzle piece
No Page Unturned No Page Unturned
Read all documents
Bookworm Bookworm
Read all books
Press Play Press Play
Listen to all cassettes
Floppy Disk Finder Floppy Disk Finder
Find all computers