The BoX Achievement List

Smarter Than the Wall Smarter Than the Wall
You learned to click your enemies!
Play the Jingle Play the Jingle
Managed to not fall in the goop.
Don't Float Don’t Float
Managed to not float away and cross the docks.
Spherey Cute Spherey Cute
Got yourself a date. Nice.
You're On FIRE! You’re On FIRE!
Forged your way through this far. Nice.
It's Not Over It’s Not Over
Faced King
Halfway There Halfway There
Made your way through 50% of CM
CM Master CM Master
Conquered CMs
Clever Clever Clever Clever
Figured out the access code to Ye Wielder. (PS you can overload the system)
What a Nightmare What a Nightmare
You tried Nightmare Mode. One gold star for you.