The Battle of Sol Achievement List

Kill 7 fighters in Mission 3
Shoot First, Ask Questions Later! Shoot First, Ask Questions Later!
Win the shooting contest in Mission 7
Turret Killer Turret Killer
Destroy 10 Frigate turrets in Mission 9
Dagger Through the Heart Dagger Through the Heart
Kill 3 COD Daggers in Mission 13
Defender of Light Defender of Light
Destroy all missiles before they hit the Rising Light in Mission 19
Perfect Storm Perfect Storm
Save all 5 Transports in Mission 14
The Apprentice becomes the Master The Apprentice becomes the Master
Defeat Brother Gunel without dropping below 15% Hull Integrity in Mission 16
L33t L33t
Don’t fail a hack in Mission 21
Newb Newb
Complete all Bonus Objectives in the Prologue Missions
Best Offense is a Good Defense! Best Offense is a Good Defense!
Destroy 10 missiles launched from the enemy Frigate
Great Shot, Kid! Great Shot, Kid!
Destroy a COD Dagger with a non-homing missile
Gold Medalist Gold Medalist
Earn a Gold Medal on every mission
Silver Medalist Silver Medalist
Earn at least a Silver Medal on every mission
A Winner is You! A Winner is You!
Beat the single player campaign
Splash Damage Splash Damage
Destroy a COD Morningstar using its own missile
Master of Slide Master of Slide
Destroy 10 homing missiles while in Slide
Free Space Free Space
Destroy 10 enemies using the beam weapon