The Asskickers Achievement List

I fought the law I fought the law
Neutralize 30 security agents
Archeologist Archeologist
Find all the 6 hidden artefacts
One man army One man army
Survive more than 10 mn in Last Stand
Lethal Weapon Lethal Weapon
Neutralize 50 enemies with a weapon
Asskicker Asskicker
Clear the game in any difficulty mode (1 or 2 players)
Asskicker-in-chief Asskicker-in-chief
Clear the game in hard mode (1 or 2 players)
Asskicker Supreme Asskicker Supreme
Clear the game in hardcore mode (1 or 2 players)
Good Start Good Start
Survive more than 5 mn in Last Stand
Black Belt Black Belt
Neutralize 50 enemies with a special attack
Challenger Challenger
Beat the first Arena
High-Score Hero High-Score Hero
Score 50,000 total points
With a Little Help From My Friends With a Little Help From My Friends
Use a collaborative attack 20 times
Tough Guy Tough Guy
Clear the game without using a continue
Group Effort Group Effort
Clear the game in two-player mode
To Purr No More To Purr No More
Neutralize 30 Fat Cats
Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
Neutralize 50 Fratboys
A man in a hurry A man in a hurry
Clear a level in Time Attack mode
First steps First steps
Clear Level 1
Public Enemy Public Enemy
Clear Level 2
Right to reply Right to reply
Clear Level 3
Financial Meltdown Financial Meltdown
Clear Level 4
Upward and Onward Upward and Onward
Clear Level 5
To what end? To what end?
Clear Level 6
Calling For Back-Up Calling For Back-Up
Neutralize 20 MIBs
Or not to be Or not to be
Reject the path of the Asskickers
London Calling London Calling
Neutralize 50 Londons
Riot Riot
Neutralize 20 Riot Cops
Rocket Man Rocket Man
Clear all levels in Time Attack mode
Holy Trinity Holy Trinity
Clear the game with Alex, Diane and Marcus
Sprinter Sprinter
Clear a level in Time Attack mode in less than 30 sec
Survivor Survivor
Beat every Arena
To be... To be…
Decide to become a true Asskicker
Trading Blows Trading Blows
Neutralize 20 Yuppies