That Old Time Religion Achievement List

On the Job On the Job
Harvey has accepted the case
Discretion is the better part of valor Discretion is the better part of valor
Harvey bravely ran away to fight another day
Brave but Foolish Brave but Foolish
Harvey’s mouth is writing checks his body can’t cash
Kickin' It Old-School Kickin’ It Old-School
What’s the centrifugal force of my foot upside your head?
Flame On! Flame On!
Harvey lit those goons up like it was Christmas.
Knowledge is Power Knowledge is Power
Somebody was payin’ attention
Can I Keep the Check? Can I Keep the Check?
Okay, technically that wasn’t my client who just died.
Powerful Enemies Powerful Enemies
Pissing off powerful supernatural beings is just part of the job.
Saved by my Gal! Saved by my Gal!
Behind every powerful man is a more powerful woman!
Back on the job with another case. Back on the job with another case.
The things I do for money…
Wolf Bait! Wolf Bait!
Being a chew toy to a lycanthrope ain’t my idea of fun.
You're not in Kansas anymore You’re not in Kansas anymore
Where is a flying house when you need one?
Death by Berin Death by Berin
Did I seriously lose a fight with an old guy? I mean, he is practically ancient.
Head in the Clouds! Head in the Clouds!
I like to look for shapes in clouds. Hey that one looks like a head.