Tentacult! Achievement List

Hentai For MY Senpai Hentai For MY Senpai
Convert 1000 Women
Bland Brand Bland Brand
Convert 1000 Men
Paint It Red Paint It Red
Convert 100 Snipers
I Do Alotta Bangin' I Do Alotta Bangin’
Convert 100 Grenadiers
My Humble Servant My Humble Servant
Transport 10,000 Friends to R’lyeh
Oh Dear, What Happened? Oh Dear, What Happened?
Lose 10,000 Friends to the Enemy
The Call of Cthulhu The Call of Cthulhu
Transport Your First Friend
Howdy Neighbor! Howdy Neighbor!
Convert Your First Friend
Which One's Shift? Which One’s Shift?
Kill 100 Friends Using Cars
Too Friendly Too Friendly
Beat a Level with 80 Friends or More
Welcome to Pleasantville Welcome to Pleasantville
Complete Level 1
Grass WAS Greener Grass WAS Greener
Complete Level 3
Tentacutes' Day Out! Tentacutes’ Day Out!
Complete Level 4
Coexist Coexist
Complete Level 6
Cthulopolis Cthulopolis
Complete Level 7
No One Cares No One Cares
Convert 100 Old Folks