Templar Battleforce Achievement List

Blooded Blooded
Captain Survives 1 Battle
Proven Proven
Captain Survives 10 Battles
Hardened Hardened
Captain Survives 20 Battles
Tempered Tempered
Captain Survives 30 Battles
Battleheart Battleheart
Kill 2 One Attack
Star Hero Star Hero
Kill 3 One Attack
Warlord Warlord
Kill 4 One Attack
Hand of Shalun Hand of Shalun
Kill 5 One Attack
Level 20 Badge Level 20 Badge
Reach Max Level 20 with Captain
Rescuer Rescuer
Save Soldier Dalan
One Shot, One Kill One Shot, One Kill
Destroy a Xeno in a single attack.
Blades of Vengeance Blades of Vengeance
Destroy a Xeno with a single counter-attack.
Warriors Warriors
Kill 5 Xeno in a Single Turn
Legends Legends
Kill 10 Xeno in a Single Turn
Fire Squad Fire Squad
Kill 20 Xeno in a Single Turn
Lords of Death Lords of Death
Kill 30 Xeno in a Single Turn
Doom Bringer Doom Bringer
Kill 25 Xeno in a Single Level
Warmaster Warmaster
Kill 50 Xeno in a Single Level
Vanguard Warmaster Vanguard Warmaster
Kill 100 Xeno in a Single Level
Paragon Warmaster Paragon Warmaster
Kill 200 Xeno in a Single Level
Junior Templar Junior Templar
Kill 500 Xeno Overall
Senior Templar Senior Templar
Kill 1,000 Xeno Overall
Master Templar Master Templar
Kill 10,000 Xeno Overall
Tactical Command Tactical Command
Capture a TP
Demolition Crew Demolition Crew
Demolish a TP
Scout Squad Scout Squad
Deploy a Scout
Soldier Squad Soldier Squad
Deploy a Soldier
Engineering Squad Engineering Squad
Deploy a Engineer
Order of the Paladin Order of the Paladin
Deploy a Paladin
Berserker Rites Berserker Rites
Deploy a Berserk
Heavy Metal Heavy Metal
Deploy a Neptune
Pyro Pyro
Deploy a Hydra
Miner Miner
Stockpile 1000 SP
Expert Miner Expert Miner
Stockpile 2000 SP
Master Scout Master Scout
Research All Scout
Master Soldier Master Soldier
Research All Soldier
Master Engineer Master Engineer
Research All Engineer
Master Paladin Master Paladin
Research All Paladin
Master Berserker Master Berserker
Research All Berserker
Master Neptune Master Neptune
Research All Neptune
Master Hydra Master Hydra
Research All Hydra
Master Command Master Command
Research All Captain
Campaign Victory - Easy Campaign Victory – Easy
Complete Campaign on Easy
Campaign Victory - Normal Campaign Victory – Normal
Complete Campaign on Normal
Campaign Victory - Demanding Campaign Victory – Demanding
Complete Campaign on Demanding
Campaign Victory - Hard Campaign Victory – Hard
Complete Campaign on Hard
Campaign Victory - Brutal Campaign Victory – Brutal
Complete Campaign on Brutal
Campaign Victory - Nightmare Campaign Victory – Nightmare
Complete Campaign on Nightmare
Campaign Victory - Ironman Campaign Victory – Ironman
Complete Campaign on Ironman
Campaign Victory - Ironman Hell Campaign Victory – Ironman Hell
Complete Campaign on Ironman Hell
Stratos Orbital Victory Stratos Orbital Victory
Complete the Stratos Orbital post-campaign deployment