Technobabylon Achievement List

Suicide City Suicide City
Part 2 complete
Fission Fission
Part 3 complete
Meeting of Minds Meeting of Minds
Part 4 complete
Germination Germination
Part 5 complete
Crisis of Consciouness Crisis of Consciouness
Part 6 complete
Jahiliyyah Jahiliyyah
Part 7 complete
Flesh Drive Flesh Drive
Part 8 complete
Ripper Ripper
Part 9 complete
Runtime Runtime
Game complete
Middle Management Middle Management
Got the door code at Animus
Sorry wrong number Sorry wrong number
Make ten calls to random numbers
Silver Tongue Silver Tongue
Successfully talked the bomber down
Hopeless Hopeless
Neutralize the bomber
Unpersuasive Unpersuasive
An explosive result
Elliot Ness approach Elliot Ness approach
Bust Van der Waal’s door open
The Right One for the Job The Right One for the Job
Make use of Lao’s skills to open Van Der Wall’s door
Official Procedure Official Procedure
Call Central for Help
Three-in-One Three-in-One
Subject Chantelle to all three personalities
Hippocratic Oath Hippocratic Oath
A career in medicine awaits
Placebo Effect Placebo Effect
He won’t know the difference…
Guilt Trip Guilt Trip
Remind Dr Chigwa of what’s really important
Microbiologist Microbiologist
Didn’t analyze a single incorrect sample at Vickerman
Dramatically cleaned a screaming pile of biscuits Dramatically cleaned a screaming pile of biscuits
Cured Martin Niester on the first try
I Needed That I Needed That
Don’t blame him one bit
Shooting Gallery Shooting Gallery
Got through the conveyor room and back undetected
Ninja Ninja
Entered the Trance Den using the power of shadows
Super Latha Bros Super Latha Bros
Entered the trance den by fulfilling the bouncer’s request
I don't need no ticket I don’t need no ticket
Find another route into the Trance Den
B& B&
Disconnected the dancers via non-destructive means
Winners don't use drugs Winners don’t use drugs
Win a game of gravball without sabotaging your opponent
Mental Arithmetic Mental Arithmetic
Get the crate-weight correct by the second attempt
Guarded by Fate Guarded by Fate
Survive up to Part 9 without dying once
Bombs Away Bombs Away
They shouldn’t have left that there in the first place…
Mincemeat Mincemeat
The Mindjacker meets his gruesome end
Justice for all Justice for all
Successfully arrest the Mindjacker
Civic Continuity Civic Continuity
Returned city control to Central
Brave New World Brave New World
Nina’s argument was most persuasive.
Talking Heads Talking Heads
Played through the game with the commentary on
Dave Goldfarb Dave Goldfarb
Only give Stepford’s personality to the restaurant guard