T.E.C. 3001 Achievement List

Basic Skill Basic Skill
Be a good student and learn double jump
Advanced Skill Advanced Skill
Be a good student and learn double jump + charge move
Super Charger Super Charger
You charged more than 20 times we call you super charger!
Perfect Drag Perfect Drag
Have all perfect hits in any Drag level
Basic Collector Basic Collector
Collect more than 15 batteries
Advanced Collector Advanced Collector
Collect more than 250 batteries
Master Collector Master Collector
Collect more than 1000 batteries
Maximal Power Maximal Power
Finish level 20 and collect all batteries on it
Unlimited Power Unlimited Power
Finish level 21 and collect all batteries on it
Glass Cutter Glass Cutter
Break 2 glass walls to become glass cutter
Glass Destroyer Glass Destroyer
Break 50 glass walls and show who is real glass destroyer
False Start False Start
Die in first 5 seconds in any level
Bad Luck Bad Luck
You died 3 times on first level? Maybe you are not trying…
Unfortunate Unfortunate
If you die more than 50 times in a level you are really not trying enough…
Energy Leak Energy Leak
Finish one of levels without collecting a single battery
Low Voltage Low Voltage
Collect more than 15 bolts
Medium Voltage Medium Voltage
Collect more than 45 bolts
High Voltage High Voltage
Collect more than 120 bolts
Green Fury Green Fury
Play it extreme – finish levels 6, 9 and 18 in less than 45 seconds.
Undying Undying
Finish level 40 without dying
Unbreakable Unbreakable
Finish level 41 without dying
Warm-up Warm-up
Reach 1000 units mark in Endless Run
Sprint Sprint
Reach 2000 units mark in Endless Run
Marathon Marathon
Reach 5000 units mark in Endless Run