Tavernier Achievement List

Daily activities: resumed Daily activities: resumed
Beat the game in less than 40 weeks
Drunken master Drunken master
Beat the game in 52 weeks
Smells like drunk spirits Smells like drunk spirits
Meet the spirits’ leader
Winning smile Winning smile
Meet the zombies’ leader
We the people We the people
Reach 400 customers and 100% cool
Death to taxes Death to taxes
Reach 100% tipping power and 100% pro
I got the POWER ! I got the POWER !
Stock more than 100 mana
Cave of wonder Cave of wonder
Buy 24 ingredients
Shrugging intensifies Shrugging intensifies
Shrug 20 times across games
Schizophrenia Schizophrenia
Reach both 100%cool and 100%pro in a single game
Change of heart Change of heart
Meet two different faction leaders
Falling star Falling star
Make a wish!
Blue pill, red pill Blue pill, red pill
Make a second wish!