Tatsu Achievement List

Egg Egg
Beat the AI on Easy
Wyrmling Wyrmling
Beat the AI on Medium
Youngling Youngling
Beat the AI on Hard
Ancient Ancient
Beat the AI on Harder
Dragon Master Dragon Master
Beat the AI on Hardest (Dragon Master)
Hidden Achievement
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Conquest Conquest
Win your first online match
Viserion Viserion
Win 3 games in a row, online
Rhaegal Rhaegal
Win 5 games in a row, online
Drogon Drogon
Win 10 games in a row, online
Balerion Balerion
Win 15 games in a row, online
Draco Draco
Lose an online match
Dragonborn Dragonborn
Beat a player who has the ‘Dragon Master’ achivement
Barbeque Barbeque
Win your first game against a human opponent
Khaleesi Khaleesi
Destroy two enemy dragons in one roll
Fire in the Sky Fire in the Sky
Destroy two enemy Fire Dragons in one roll
Tsunami Tsunami
Expel two dragons in one roll
Steam Powered Steam Powered
Expel two Fire Dragons in one roll
Double Dragon Double Dragon
Enter two dragons into the arena on the same turn
Smaug Smaug
Block an entrance segment
Here, there be dragons Here, there be dragons
Destroy or Expel a piece when entering from the Mat
I'm coming in fighting! I’m coming in fighting!
Enter and then Destroy or Expel two dragons on the same turn
Falkor Falkor
Do an Escape that moves six spaces, as a White Dragon
Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide
Destroy a Fire Dragon from twelve segments away
Around you go, again Around you go, again
Cover both Fire Dragon recruitment segments, while your opponent has no Fire Dragons on the Arena or Mat
We're on Fire! We’re on Fire!
Recruit both Fire Dragons in one turn
Blockade Blockade
Prevent your opponent from moving any of their Dragons around the Arena, missing a turn
Rolling Deep Rolling Deep
Get all nine dragons onto the Arena
Krayt Dragon Cave Krayt Dragon Cave
Lose a piece in one of the enemy’s entrance areas
That's impossible! That’s impossible!
Win without recruiting any Fire Dragons
Morgan Jones Morgan Jones
Win by Clearing the board
Winged Beasts Winged Beasts
Win by destroying all Vine Dragons
Fire Storm Fire Storm
Destroy seven dragons in one game
Where are my dragons!?! Where are my dragons!?!
Win without destroying any dragons
You thought it was all over... You thought it was all over…
Win the game with your last 3 dragons
Mother of Dragons Mother of Dragons
Win without any of your dragons being destroyed