Tap Tap Legions – Epic battles within 5 seconds! Achievement List

Lost your queen Lost your queen
Good luck
Rookie debut Rookie debut
Clear stage 16
As a Soldier As a Soldier
Clear stage 32
Knights Knights
Clear stage 48
Almost there! Almost there!
Clear stage 64
Not bad Not bad
100 taps
Talent Talent
3000 taps
God of tap God of tap
10000 taps
Bomb I Bomb I
10 bombs
Bomb II Bomb II
200 bombs
Bomb III Bomb III
1000 bombs
Time I Time I
Got 20 seconds
Time II Time II
Got 300 seconds
Time III Time III
Got 1000 seconds
Tricks I Tricks I
5 Tricks
Tricks II Tricks II
50 Tricks
Tricks III Tricks III
500 Tricks
Backup I Backup I
5 Backup
Backup II Backup II
50 Backup
Backup III Backup III
500 Backup
Frozen I Frozen I
10 Frozens
Frozen II Frozen II
80 Frozens
Frozen III Frozen III
500 Frozens