TankYou! Achievement List

Strong, Independent tank Strong, Independent tank
You have, more or less successfully pulled through the perils of the training grounds
Just the tip! Just the tip!
Find the frozen pyramid and blow off the tip 🙂
Feel the need! Feel the need!
Achieve maximum speed
Major Pain Major Pain
Inflict maximum damage
Shoot the whoop! Shoot the whoop!
Firin’ yoh Lazor! for the first time
No problem! No problem!
Completed Arcade A or B mode
A true military afficionado A true military afficionado
Get each type of upgrade simultaneously
GG easy! GG easy!
Kill your first human tank
Deal with it! Deal with it!
Complete a match in under 1 minute
Like a pro Like a pro
Win a match in Boss Brawl mode
A tank of iron! A tank of iron!
Complete the “Tank of Iron” mode
Broken Wiener, good wiener Broken Wiener, good wiener
Save the world from the wiener nuke!
Buff Daddy Buff Daddy
Terminate the Tanknator!
Not fair! Not fair!
Basically, play tank versus helicopter and win!
Plasmatik Plasmatik
Everything has a weakness! It’s just a matter of time
I got worms no longer! I got worms no longer!
Mine a cure for worms
To slay a titan To slay a titan
Prevail against the Faragut
Your new king! Your new king!
Complete the King arcade mode
Whatever it takes! Whatever it takes!
Do whatever it takes to score until the end of Arcade Plus mode
Working tank Working tank
Prove your gold digging skill in Gold Digger mode
Good tanks finish last Good tanks finish last
Survive a match of Last Tank Standing
Take that! Take that!
Win a round of Deathmatch