Tango Fiesta Achievement List

Get to the Choppa! Get to the Choppa!
Deal with a Choppa!
Lethal Weapon. Lethal Weapon.
Kill every bad guy in a level using only one of your weapons.
You know what I like best? The price. You know what I like best? The price.
Buy a gun priced over $50000.
I'm an ordinary guy. I’m an ordinary guy.
Burn down an Objective Building.
Stick Around! Stick Around!
Play through the entire game in one session with 3 friends.
This is heavy. This is heavy.
Use the Matrix 80 for the first time.
I don't need the gun! I don’t need the gun!
Defeat Gordon Bennette using only melee attacks.
Do it now! Do it now!
Kill Yatcha Queen solo, using only melee attacks.
Die Hard. Die Hard.
Kill any boss with the last bullet in your gun.
Groovy! Groovy!
Complete any World using only the Sawn-off and the Chainsaw.
That's not a knife. This is a knife That’s not a knife. This is a knife
Get the most melee kills in a multiplayer game.
Bloodsport. Bloodsport.
Play through any World, taking damage on each level, but don’t pick up any health kits. Oh, and don’t die.
Knock knock! Knock knock!
Kill an enemy within 2 seconds of starting a level.
To Hell With You! To Hell With You!
Defeat Old Ramishar using only melee attacks.
The best kind of Tomorrow. The best kind of Tomorrow.
Achieve a bodycount of 199 in a single World.
Sensational! Sensational!
Defeat 10 enemies in Killionaire by getting them to kill each other with their special weapons.
Only in a re-run. Only in a re-run.
Complete NG+.
Dead or alive, you're coming with me! Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!
Kill 1987 bad guys with Bionic Cop, without dying.
Game over man, game over! Game over man, game over!
Get every other achievement in the game.