Talisman: Digital Edition Achievement List

Dual Wielder Dual Wielder
As the Warrior, kill an enemy with two weapons.
Tough Tough
As the Troll, heal yourself after rolling a 6 to move.
Undecided Undecided
As the Druid, change your alignment.
Powerful Powerful
As the Wizard, raise your total Craft to 10.
Peaceful Peaceful
As the Monk, increase your Pray score.
Assassination Assassination
As the Assassin, assassinate any creature or character.
Graceful Graceful
As the Elf, move between two Woods spaces.
Home Home
As the Dwarf, travel to the Mines.
Undead Undead
As the Ghoul, raise an Enemy as a Follower.
Charming Charming
As the Minstrel, charm any Animal.
Thief Thief
As the Thief, steal an Object from the Village.
Persuasive Persuasive
As the Sorceress, beguile another character.
Battle Master Battle Master
Earn the Battle Master reward 20 times.
Hag Deliverer Hag Deliverer
Earn the Hag Deliverer reward 10 times.
Poltergeist Exorcist Poltergeist Exorcist
Earn the Poltergeist Exorcist reward 10 times.
Pied Piper Pied Piper
Earn the Pied Piper reward 10 times.
Strongest Strongest
Earn the Strongest reward 20 times.
Most Intelligent Most Intelligent
Earn the Most Intelligent reward 20 times.
Trophy Master Trophy Master
Earn the Trophy Master reward 10 times.
PvP Master PvP Master
Earn the PvP Master reward 5 times.
Big Spender Big Spender
Earn the Big Spender reward 10 times.
Winner! Winner!
Earn the Winner! reward 5 times.
Revenge! Revenge!
Earn the Revenge! reward 10 times.
Spell Master Spell Master
Earn the Spell Master reward 10 times.
Fate Weaver Fate Weaver
Earn the Fate Weaver reward 5 times.
Spirit Destroyer Spirit Destroyer
Earn the Spirit Destroyer reward 20 times.
Prophesy Prophesy
As the Prophetess, replace any Adventure Card.
Spirit Slayer Spirit Slayer
As the Priest, destroy a Ghost.
Row Your Boat Row Your Boat
Use a Raft to cross the river.
Best of Two out of Three Best of Two out of Three
Win a Dice With Death encounter.
St. George St. George
Kill a Dragon using the Holy Lance.
Battle Toad Battle Toad
Win a Battle as a Toad.
The Exorcist The Exorcist
Use the Cross to kill a Demon.
Traversing the Void Traversing the Void
Teleport 3 times in 1 turn.
Beasts of Burden Beasts of Burden
Collect 8 Objects in one game.
The Midas Touch The Midas Touch
Alchemise 8 objects in one game.
Touch of Death Touch of Death
Take the last life of every player in a 6 player game (in combat).
Denied! Denied!
Get yourself killed whilst someone is on the Crown of Command.
A Challenger has appeared A Challenger has appeared
Kill a player already on the Crown of Command.
These are not the cards you are looking for... These are not the cards you are looking for…
Prevent someone from casting Divination.
Escape Artist Escape Artist
Escape from the Temple on the first try.
I go where I please! I go where I please!
Prevent someone from immobilising you.
My first Runestone! My first Runestone!
Unlock your first Runestone.
They come in Gold?! They come in Gold?!
Unlock your first Gold Runestone.
The Warlock would be proud The Warlock would be proud
Unlock all Runestones.
Prevent the same person from casting spells 3 times in one game.
Unbeliever Unbeliever
Win a game without using fate.
Immortal Immortal
Win a game without losing a life.
Royal Entourage Royal Entourage
Have the Prince and Princess as followers at the same time.
Online Adventurer Online Adventurer
Finish 50 online games.
Gift of the Silver Tongue Gift of the Silver Tongue
As the Merchant, swap an Object for a Magic Object.
A Perilous Journey A Perilous Journey
Move to the Plain of Peril after defeating the Lord of the Pit.
Reap what you sow Reap what you sow
Roll a 6 when confronted by the Reaper.
Into the Unknown Into the Unknown
As the Sage, win the game without ever consulting the decks.
A Tale of Good and Evil (where Evil wins for a change) A Tale of Good and Evil (where Evil wins for a change)
As the Dark Cultist, take a life from a character of Good Alignment.
A Knight's Tale A Knight’s Tale
As the Knight, slay the Miser Dragon.
Don't Fear the Reaper Don’t Fear the Reaper
Kill 5 characters with the assistance of the Reaper.
Breaking the Bank Breaking the Bank
As the Leprechaun, stockpile more than 30 Gold.
Like a Boss Like a Boss
As the Ogre Chieftain, send a dominated Ogre into battle.
I have done as you asked I have done as you asked
Win a game with the Warlock Quests ending.
Stay Frosty Stay Frosty
Win a game by defeating the Ice Queen.
This is for you This is for you
Give another character some of your Gold.
What else do you have back there? What else do you have back there?
As the Warlock, take a card from the Purchase deck as a quest reward.
Enthralling Enthralling
As the Necromancer, use an enthralled Spirit in psychic combat.
Come one, come all Come one, come all
Use the Hydra Spell to cause a Spell to affect all 4 characters.
A Helping Sleight of Hand A Helping Sleight of Hand
Defeat the Trickster and have him steal an Object for you.
Getting Ahead Getting Ahead
Steal another player’s turn.
What's in the Box? What’s in the Box?
Use the Treasure Chest (Frostmarch) to draw an Object.
I meant to do that I meant to do that
As the Amazon, redo a battle you would have lost and go on to win.
Stand and Deliver Stand and Deliver
As the Swashbuckler, defeat a creature in order to take another turn.
Contenders Ready! Contenders Ready!
As the Gladiator, use 3 trained Followers in a single battle.
Foresight beats Hindsight Foresight beats Hindsight
As the Gypsy, use your power of foretelling to avoid 10 Events.
Existentialism Existentialism
As the Philosopher, replace 5 cards from the board.
Keeper of the Hag Keeper of the Hag
Trick the Dungeon Keeper into taking your Hag.
Beyond the Looking Glass Beyond the Looking Glass
Have the Lord of Darkness teleport you straight to the Crown of Command.
I'm not fighting that! I’m not fighting that!
Evade the Battle Hulk.
Savings Snatcher Savings Snatcher
As the Rogue, take all the Gold from a character that currently has 5 or more.
There can be only one There can be only one
As the Highlander, kill another Highlander character.
Waste not, want not Waste not, want not
As the Alchemist, alchemise 20 pieces of Gold.
Hey, Watch Out! Hey, Watch Out!
‘Accidentally’ cause the Tumbling Boulder to land on another character.
Climb to the Top Climb to the Top
Make your way to the Eyrie and defeat the Eagle King.
Dragon Tamer Dragon Tamer
Use the Dragon’s Eye to capture and use a Dragon in battle.
The Cursed Hand of Doom The Cursed Hand of Doom
Cause all players to lose the game.
Sharp Eyed Friend Sharp Eyed Friend
Use the Magpie to find an Object quicker than usual.
Sharing is Caring Sharing is Caring
As the Vampiress, relinquish one or more of your followers to the Vampire at the Vampires Tower.
Kindred Spirits Kindred Spirits
As the Sprite, have the Pixie and encounter a Fairy.
Keeping One's Intentions in the Dark Keeping One’s Intentions in the Dark
As the Valkyrie, pray at the Graveyard with Good Alignment.
Divine Fervour Divine Fervour
As the Martyr, win a battle by sacrificing a life.
No Genie left behind No Genie left behind
As the Genie, rescue the Genie (Follower) from another character after defeating them.
Exorcising Caution Exorcising Caution
As the Exorcist, destroy an unusable Object in order to gain a Spell.
Irresistible Irresistible
As the Courtesan, seduce another character.
Rightful Heir Rightful Heir
As the Devil’s Minion, acquire the Runesword.
Borrowed Luck Borrowed Luck
As the Gambler, tempt fate with another character and win.
Spell Resistant Spell Resistant
As the Black Witch, successfully resist 3 Spells in a single game.
Hidden Fortress Hidden Fortress
As the Ninja, defeat an Enemy on the City space.
Pedlar Peddler Pedlar Peddler
As the Pirate, sell the Pedlar on the black market.
The Imposter The Imposter
As the Shape Shifter, take the shape of another character.
No Contest No Contest
Win the game within the first 10 rounds.
Learning the Ropes Learning the Ropes
Reach level 10.
Taking the Reins Taking the Reins
Reach level 20.
The Student becomes the Master The Student becomes the Master
As the Apprentice Mage, raise your total Craft to 7 or more.