Talewind Achievement List

The windmill master! The windmill master!
Complete world 1
Worm exterminator! Worm exterminator!
Complete world 2
Yeti hunter! Yeti hunter!
Complete world 3
Falling with style! Falling with style!
Complete world 4
Looking at the mirror! Looking at the mirror!
Complete world 5
Late for a meeting Late for a meeting
Complete special level 1
Wasn't even hard... Wasn’t even hard…
Complete special level 2
Precision pilot Precision pilot
Complete special level 4
Too much time on my hands... Too much time on my hands…
Complete special level 5
Gotta catch 'em all! Gotta catch ’em all!
Catch all the monsters from the main story
Hardcore platformer player! Hardcore platformer player!
Complete the game
Francis of the filth! Francis of the filth!
Be enlightened!
Run from mom! Run from mom!
Find the secret of your house’s basement
Secret level 1 Secret level 1
Find the secret level 1
 Secret level 2 Secret level 2
Find the secret level 2
 Secret level 3 Secret level 3
Find the secret level 3
Secret level 4 Secret level 4
Find the secret level 4
Secret level 5 Secret level 5
Find the secret level 5