Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun Achievement List

Good Start Good Start
Complete 1 Level!
Keep Going Keep Going
Complete 5 Levels!
10 is good! 10 is good!
Complete 10 levels!
1/4 of the way! 1/4 of the way!
Complete 25 levels!
Half way! Half way!
Complete 50 levels!
Almost there! Almost there!
Complete 75 levels!
You did it! You did it!
Complete 100 levels!
1 Hour! 1 Hour!
Play the Game for 1 Hour!
5 Hours! 5 Hours!
Play the Game for 5 Hours!
10 Hours! 10 Hours!
Play the Game for 10 Hours!
I can't stop playing! I can’t stop playing!
Complete 200 levels!
Constructor Constructor
Buy your first building
Happy Ending Happy Ending
Complete the game
Swap Mode Swap Mode
Play a level on Swap Mode!
Chain Mode Chain Mode
Complete a level on Chain Mode!
Pop Mode Pop Mode
Complete a level on Pop Mode!