Tales of Symphonia Achievement List

Universal Knight Universal Knight
Lloyd has obtained 10 titles. He has many titles as a swordsman, but does that mean he’s a great swordsman?
Worldwide Knight Worldwide Knight
Lloyd has obtained all titles.
Tottering Chosen Tottering Chosen
Colette has obtained 10 titles. She’s not ditzy all the time!
My Dear Colette My Dear Colette
Colette has obtained all titles. I guess you love Colette?
Kratos the Knight Kratos the Knight
Kratos has obtained all titles. He is everyone’s hero.
Ball and Stick Apprentice Ball and Stick Apprentice
Genis has obtained 10 titles. Ball and stick is godly.
Ball and Stick Master Ball and Stick Master
Genis has obtained all titles. Fear the younger brother.
Raine the Healer Raine the Healer
Raine has obtained 10 titles. Professor Raine can be scary, but she is very kind at heart.
All-Healing Raine All-Healing Raine
Raine has obtained all titles. She’s scary, but she heals you.
Tenfold Summoner Tenfold Summoner
Sheena has obtained 10 titles. Mysterious in an assassin way?
Igaguri Style! Igaguri Style!
Sheena has obtained all titles. The most powerful summoner that commands the summon spirits.
Zelos Impact Zelos Impact
Zelos has obtained 10 titles. He’s killing it.
Zelos the Harem Master Zelos the Harem Master
Zelos has obtained all titles. He has bewitched all women.
10 Presea 10 Presea
Presea has obtained 10 titles. She looks like a child.
All of Presea All of Presea
Presea has obtained all titles. She’ll keep swinging that ax.
Regal Weapon Regal Weapon
Regal has obtained 10 titles. Just look at his abs.
Regal the Great Regal the Great
Regal has obtained all titles. They’re just filled with Regal’s greatness.
Cleared Sylvarant Cleared Sylvarant
Lloyd and his party have now arrived in Tethe’alla.
Cleared Tethe'alla Cleared Tethe’alla
Lloyd and his party can now move between the two worlds.
Cleared Derris-Kharlan Cleared Derris-Kharlan
What is the name of this tree?
Sword Dancer Slayer Sword Dancer Slayer
Defeated all 3 Sword Dancers. You can open a weapon shop with all their swords. But that’s too much work.
Abyssion Buster Abyssion Buster
Defeated Abyssion. So there!
The Sister: Seles The Sister: Seles
Defeated Zelos’ sister Seles in the Coliseum. Sisters are tough.
Top of the Coliseum Top of the Coliseum
Defeated Gar, Farah, and Meredy in the Coliseum. Nice going!
Three Legendary Heroes Three Legendary Heroes
Defeated Kratos, Yuan, and Mithos in Forbidden Anamnesis. You just caught a lucky break.
First-Time Cooking First-Time Cooking
Cooked for the first time. Don’t worry about messing up, just keep challenging yourself!
Finality Finality
Performed a mystic arte for the first time. Win gracefully!
Unison Attacker Unison Attacker
Performed a unison attack for the first time. Everyone was in unison.
Blacksmith's Hours Blacksmith’s Hours
Customized a weapon for the first time. There is no such thing as a useless weapon.
Hard Puncher Hard Puncher
Cleared the game with the difficulty set to “Hard.” Challenge “Mania” next time.
True Mania True Mania
Cleared the game with the difficulty set to “Mania.” Were the battles epic?
Celebrate 100! Celebrate 100!
You’ve encountered 100 battles! Don’t let your guard down.
Celebrate 1000! Celebrate 1000!
You’ve encountered 1,000 battles! Battles never end.
Love Me Tender Love Me Tender
Your maximum hit number is 10! Work with your friend and pummel the enemy!
100 Idol 100 Idol
Your maximum hit number is 100! Why do your enemies even try?
Million Dollars Million Dollars
You obtained one million casino chips!
100 Hours 100 Hours
You played 100 hours! Thanks for playing! (I hope you were playing.)
A Collector's Collector A Collector’s Collector
You completed the Collector’s Book! You must now know the true meaning of the universe.
Monster Fanatic Monster Fanatic
You completed the Monster List! So how many monsters did you kill?