Talent Not Included Achievement List

The End The End
Kill the final boss.
Leaf me alone Leaf me alone
Complete the Forest act.
Sandastic Sandastic
Complete the Desert act.
Winter isn't coming Winter isn’t coming
Complete the Winter act.
I'm the BOSS I’m the BOSS
Complete a boss scene with full health.
Rampage Rampage
Kill 50 enemies with the Warrior.
Twice the fun Twice the fun
Complete a scene in co-op mode.
We rock We rock
Complete a scene in co-op mode with both players at full health.
The great masquerade The great masquerade
Get all the masks in the game.
Explode them all Explode them all
Kill all the enemies in a scene.
Unbreakable Unbreakable
Take 8 damage in a single scene without dying.
Heart attack Heart attack
Complete a scene with one heart left.