TAIKER Achievement List

Jumping girl Jumping girl
Jump on enemy’s head 10 times without falling on ground.
Boss killer #1 Boss killer #1
Defeat Sean perfectly.
Cat girl Cat girl
Get the cat ear item.
Memory card collector Memory card collector
Collect 10 memory cards.
Rushing into the air Rushing into the air
Hit 6 different spheres without falling on ground.
Good student Good student
Watch all tutorial videos.
Boss killer #2 Boss killer #2
Defeat clone Sean perferctly.
Early access pioneer. Early access pioneer.
Finish early access.
Skill collector Skill collector
Collect all skills.
Skill master Skill master
Upgrade all skills to maximun.
Save Sean Save Sean
Defeat final boss and save Sean.
Escape from cave. Escape from cave.
Defeat final boss and escape from crystal cave.