Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire Achievement List

Wayfarer Wayfarer
Complete the game on Wayfarer difficulty or higher.
Voyager Voyager
Complete the game on Voyager difficulty or higher.
Leader Leader
Complete the game on Leader difficulty or higher.
Princess Princess
Complete the game on Princess difficulty.
Tahira Unbound Tahira Unbound
Kill six units with a single use of Unbound Blast.
Walk in the Light Walk in the Light
Kill six enemies with a single use of Light of Avestan.
Come on and Slam Come on and Slam
Kill four enemies with a single use of Seismic Slam.
Trick Shot Trick Shot
Send two or more units plummeting to their deaths with a single attack.
Strike! Strike!
Kill 10 or more units with a Light Mercenary in a single turn.
Can't Catch Me Can’t Catch Me
Have a unit dodge at least 30 damage from missed attacks in a single turn.
Play it Safe Play it Safe
On Leader difficulty or above, complete the game without Tahira ever taking HP damage.
Lead from the Front Lead from the Front
At Barr’Aaid, have Baruti’s HP drop to 5 or lower, and still win.
No-one Left Behind No-one Left Behind
Complete the game on Leader difficulty or higher without losing a single unit.
Mind the Gap Mind the Gap
Kill 20 units by knocking them off cliffs in a single play-through.
He's Dead, Jim He’s Dead, Jim
Overkill an enemy by at least 25 damage.
A Valiant Death A Valiant Death
Have a unit die after killing 10 or more enemies in a single fight.
Peek-a-boo Peek-a-boo
Kill at least 50 enemies from ambush in a single play-through.
I Clicked on All the Things! I Clicked on All the Things!
Engage with every possible interaction in a single play-through.