Tactical Craft Online Achievement List

The first meal The first meal
First time to eat a meal
Settler Settler
Build the altar
Here's how it works Here’s how it works
Craft 10 items
Сraftsman Сraftsman
Craft 100 items
Handyman Handyman
Craft 1000 items
Gardener Gardener
Grow 10 plants
Novice farmer Novice farmer
Grow 100 plants
Experienced farmer Experienced farmer
Grow 1000 plants
Builder Builder
Build 100 structures
Experienced builder Experienced builder
Build 1000 structures
Novice digger Novice digger
Obtain 1000 resources
Experienced digger Experienced digger
Obtain 10000 resources
Reception Reception
Hand over something in the reception shop
Novice hunter Novice hunter
Kill 10 animals
Experienced hunter Experienced hunter
Kill 100 animals
Master hunter Master hunter
Kill 1000 animals
The walking dead The walking dead
Kill 100 zombies
Resident evil Resident evil
Kill 1000 zombies
Nice to meet you Nice to meet you
Kill 1 unit
Head hunter Head hunter
Kill 10 unit
Butcher Butcher
Kill 100 unit
Paladin Paladin
Kill Zombie-Boss
Goodbye, Mickey Goodbye, Mickey
Kill Rat-Boss
Clan-lider Clan-lider
Create a clan
Clan zone Clan zone
Build a Ziggurat
Novice merchant Novice merchant
Build a shop
Experienced merchant Experienced merchant
Build 10 shop
Fame Fame
Build a lighthouse
Underground Underground
Build a basement
Modify item
Modify item +10
Gold digger Gold digger
Obtain gold
Vampires death Vampires death
Obtain silver
Titanium crowbar Titanium crowbar
Obtain titanium
Steel equipment Steel equipment
Research “Steel equipment”
No limits No limits
Research “Free construction”
Hunting for elephants Hunting for elephants
Research “Stutzen”
Red Brick Red Brick
Research “Brick construction”
Teleportation Teleportation
Research “Jump Amulet”
Hospitality Hospitality
Place 10 traps
Trapper Trapper
Place 100 traps
Blue duct tape Blue duct tape
Repair item
Explorer Explorer
Pass 200 parts of the map