TableTop Soccer Achievement List

Beginner Beginner
Level Up To Beginner
Advanced Advanced
Level Up To Advanced
Pro Pro
Level Up To Pro
Expert Expert
Level Up To Expert
Master Master
Level Up To Master
Solo Challenger Solo Challenger
Win 3 Solo Games
Solo Contender Solo Contender
Win 6 Solo Games
Solo Adept Solo Adept
Win 12 Solo Games
Online Challenger Online Challenger
Win 10 Online Games
Online Contender Online Contender
Win 25 Online Games
Online Adept Online Adept
Win 50 Online Games
Sweet Victory Sweet Victory
Win Any Game
Watcher Watcher
Watch 5 Game Replays
Dominator Dominator
Win 75 Games
Scoring Machine Scoring Machine
Score 100 Goals
Strategist Strategist
Customize Your Formation
Super Star Super Star
Max Out One Players Stat Points
Expert Keeper Expert Keeper
Max Out Your GoalKeepers Stat Points
Make Them Yours Make Them Yours
Customize All Your Player Names
Pressure Means Nothing Pressure Means Nothing
Win A Game On Penalties