Table Top Racing: World Tour Achievement List

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A Rite Of Passage A Rite Of Passage
Purchase your 1st car!
Culture Club! Culture Club!
Purchase all original Cult Classics
The Fast and... The Fast and…
Purchase a Street Racer
The Furious The Furious
Purchase all original Street Racers
$100 Bill Game? $100 Bill Game?
Purchase a Supercar
Who are you? J. Leno?! Who are you? J. Leno?!
Purchase all original Supercars
Nailed it! Nailed it!
Win your 1st Championship event!
Dominator! Dominator!
Win every original Championship event!
So Very Special! So Very Special!
Complete your 1st Special Event!
Gold! Always Believe In Your Soul! Gold! Always Believe In Your Soul!
Win every original Special Event!
ERMAHGERD!!! Midas in da House! ERMAHGERD!!! Midas in da House!
Win gold trophies on all original championships.
Cult Friction Baby! Cult Friction Baby!
Win all the original Cult Classics Championships
Pedal To The Metal! Pedal To The Metal!
Win all the original Street Racers Championships
Gumball Awaits You Sir! Gumball Awaits You Sir!
Win all the original Supercars Championships
Hidden Achievement
Use an EMP to block an incoming Missile
Tuned Huh? Tuned Huh?
Upgrade a car
Museum Standard Museum Standard
Fully upgrade all Cult Classics
Owners Club President Owners Club President
Fully upgrade all Street Racers
Prof. Of Pimpology! Prof. Of Pimpology!
Fully upgrade all Supercars
Pimped That Ride! Pimped That Ride!
Fully upgrade a car
Fancy Rims Fancy Rims
Purchase your 1st wheel upgrade
A Wheel For All Occasions A Wheel For All Occasions
Purchase all wheel upgrades
Hidden Achievement
Peace Be The Journey Peace Be The Journey
Spread some love in a race with a Peace Bomb
Hidden Achievement
I'm Spartacus! I’m Spartacus!
Hit all opponents with Centurion wheels
Bronze Age Bronze Age
Collect all the hidden Bronze coins
Silver Spoon Silver Spoon
Collect all the hidden Silver coins
Gold Standard Gold Standard
Collect all the hidden Gold coins
It's The Taking Part That Counts It’s The Taking Part That Counts
Complete your 1st Multiplayer race
Win your 1st Multiplayer Race
Crush Your Enemies! Crush Your Enemies!
Win 20 Multiplayer Races
Supernova! Supernova!
Get 3 stars in all ‘Tropical Ice’ events.
Yellowsnow Meister! Yellowsnow Meister!
Collect all the hidden coins on Yellowsnow Piste.
Buried Treasure! Buried Treasure!
Collect all the hidden coins on Life’s A Beach.
Overdrive! Overdrive!
Overtake 500 cars in Overtake Mode.
Check Yourself Before Y'Wreck Yourself! Check Yourself Before Y’Wreck Yourself!
Pass through 500 checkpoints.
Ice To Meet You! Ice To Meet You!
Hit 4 cars with a single Frostbite in Yellowsnow Piste.