Swords and Sorcery – Underworld – DEFINITIVE EDITION Achievement List

Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
You’ve killed your first dragon!
Blood on your hands Blood on your hands
You’ve tasted blood. There is no turning back.
Brute Brute
You’ve won 20 battles and strike fear in the hearts of all.
Gladiator Gladiator
You’ve defeated the final level of Highnest’s arena.
Protector of the weak Protector of the weak
You have rescued a child in dire need of help.
Vault Breaker Vault Breaker
You have found your way into a vault, making it clear that none are safe from your wrath, wherever they may hide.
Voyager Voyager
You’ve found your way through the Underworld to a neighboring town.
Explorer Explorer
You’ve discovered a way to the true Underworld, into the Realm of Fire.
Windwalker Windwalker
You found a way past the deepest of chasms.
Revenant Revenant
You’ve seen the other side.
Master of Magic Master of Magic
One of your spell casters has learned all of the known spells for his/her class.
Master Bowman Master Bowman
A master bowman is in your ranks. All secrets of the trade are known to this companion.
Blood Bath Blood Bath
You won 250 battles and are a force to be reckoned with the world throughout.
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
You’ve found one of the greatest treasure buried in the Underworld.
None Shall Pass None Shall Pass
You’ve stopped a scourge from piercing through an ally’s defenses.
Critical Strike Critical Strike
You’ve inflicted your first critical strike to an enemy.
Caught Unawares Caught Unawares
You’ve fought your first battle interrupting rest. Something you should be avoiding.
Collector Collector
You have 50 entries in your bestiary.
SuperStar SuperStar
Well, you’ve saved the world among a bunch of other things.
Custer Custer
You’ve sounded the charge! Your companions bravely pressed forward.