Swords & Crossbones: An Epic Pirate Story Achievement List

Kingpin of Law Kingpin of Law
Defeat Admiral Iron Jaw.
Pink Pilferer Pink Pilferer
Defeat Susan James.
Deadly Duellist Deadly Duellist
Defeat Olivia.
Heathen Healer Heathen Healer
Defeat Josef.
Haggard Harpooner Haggard Harpooner
Defeat Herman.
Wizardly Wizard Wizardly Wizard
Defeat Fredo.
Mini-gun Mayhem Mini-gun Mayhem
Defeat Eddie Vulcan.
Mad Mamma's Boy Mad Mamma’s Boy
Defeat Siegfried.
Sinister Songstress Sinister Songstress
Defeat Carla.
Deadshot Deliverer Deadshot Deliverer
Defeat Mortimer.
Frozen Pirate Lord Frozen Pirate Lord
Defeat Duke A. Blizzardo.
Subterranean King Subterranean King
Defeat Croakatoa.
Sailor Sailor
Use your ship to find and land on the nearest island.
Seadog Seadog
Visit all the islands in the archipelago.
A worthy captain A worthy captain
Complete the main quest line.
Can't say no Can’t say no
Complete all the side quests.
Welcome to my island Welcome to my island
Invest in tourism to get your first tourist to your island.
Was this the dream? Was this the dream?
Invest in all possible islands to get tourists from them.
Breaking the law Breaking the law
Rescue a pirate to join your crew.
Crew for the captain Crew for the captain
Rescue all pirates and complete your crew.
Real pirate Real pirate
Open a treasure chest and get what’s inside.
Animal care Animal care
Capture a monster and add it to your zoo or aquarium collection.
Wanted Wanted
Knock out 20 soldiers of the Royal Navy.
Don't mess with me Don’t mess with me
Knock out 10 enemy pirates.
You chose the wrong side You chose the wrong side
Knock out 50 enemy pirates.
Last pirate standing Last pirate standing
Knock out 150 enemy pirates.
Hunting on land Hunting on land
Knock out 10 land monsters.
Pest control Pest control
Knock out 50 land monsters.
Monster slayer Monster slayer
Knock out 150 land monsters.
A place for swimming A place for swimming
Knock out 5 sea monsters.
Love the seafood Love the seafood
Knock out 15 sea monsters.
Calm waters Calm waters
Knock out 50 sea monsters.