Sword Daughter Achievement List

With A Kiss With A Kiss
Was it everything you hoped for?
Vengeance Is Mine Vengeance Is Mine
You avenged your father’s death.
Hell Or High Water Hell Or High Water
You survived a flood.
The Beast Beneath The Beast Beneath
What good is a dungeon without a dragon?
The Dragon's Queen The Dragon’s Queen
It may not be a good job, but it’s got great perks.
The Bigger They Are The Bigger They Are
You have helped to slay a dragon.
Stoner Stoner
You turned a troll to stone.
Get Stoned Get Stoned
Everybody must.
Divine Intervention Divine Intervention
Don’t count on that working every time.
Golden Queen Golden Queen
Shiny. Shiny shiny shiny.
Got Loot? Got Loot?
You have survived your adventure with treasure to show for it.
Water Breathing Water Breathing
Well, air breathing, but under the water.
Beetle Chow Beetle Chow
Best not to ask about the details.
All Roads All Roads
You have reached all 22 possible game endings.
100% 100%
You have unlocked every scene in the game.