Sword Coast Legends Achievement List

Long Road Ahead Long Road Ahead
Complete the Prologue
The Fires That Burn The Fires That Burn
Complete Act I
Descent Into Darkness Descent Into Darkness
Complete Act II
A New Dawn A New Dawn
Complete Act III
Tarnished Knight Tarnished Knight
Decide the fate of a murderous knight.
Enemy of my Enemy Enemy of my Enemy
Determine the destiny of one of your greatest enemies.
Tears of the Moon Tears of the Moon
Choose the fate of a relic of Sehanine Moonbow.
Rouse the Troops Rouse the Troops
Recruit all possible companions.
For the Good of the Team For the Good of the Team
Complete all companion quests.
Family Matters Family Matters
Complete Jarhild Stoneforge’s companion quest.
Childish Things Childish Things
Complete Illydia Maethellyn’s companion quest.
For Old Time's Sake For Old Time’s Sake
Complete Larethar Gulgrin’s companion quest.
A Burning Lich A Burning Lich
Complete Hommet Shaw’s companion quest.
The Infernal Stone The Infernal Stone
Complete Bryn Lightfingers’ companion quest.
Twisted Sister Twisted Sister
Complete the companion quest for an information broker from Luskan.
No One Crosses Golgamann No One Crosses Golgamann
Complete the companion quest of Izhkin, Lord of the Dark.
The Lesser of Two Evils The Lesser of Two Evils
Solve a problem for Javen Tarmikos.
Cleric! Cleric!
Stabilize an unconscious ally.
Heavy Drinker Heavy Drinker
Drink five healing potions.
I Search The Room I Search The Room
Find a secret door.
Cautious Cautious
Disable ten traps.
Locksmith Locksmith
Pick ten locks.
Top of the Class Top of the Class
Reach the level cap in one class.
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades
Reach the level cap with each class.
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Collect ten thousand gold.
Destroyer Destroyer
Kill ten enemies in the most violent manner possible.
Bringer of Death Bringer of Death
Defeat five thousand enemies.
Summoner Summoner
Summon one thousand creatures as a Dungeon Master.
Dominator Dominator
Possess five hundred creatures as a Dungeon Master.
Learning to Crawl Learning to Crawl
Complete one Dungeon Crawl.
Dungeon Delver Dungeon Delver
Complete ten Dungeon Crawls.
Veteran Dungeoneer Veteran Dungeoneer
Complete fifty Dungeon Crawls.
Behind the Screen Behind the Screen
Complete one Dungeon Crawl as a Dungeon Master.
Master of Dungeons Master of Dungeons
Complete twenty-five Dungeon Crawls as a Dungeon Master.
Truly Outrageous Truly Outrageous
Complete Story Mode on Hard difficulty.
Dedicated Dedicated
Complete Story Mode with a hero of each race and class.
Limit Break Limit Break
Get three different stats above 20 on your hero at the same time.
I Got Your Back I Got Your Back
Complete the Campaign in Co-Op.
Your Story Your Story
Publish a Custom Campaign