Switch ‘N’ Shoot Achievement List

Switch Cadet Switch Cadet
Get a final score of 10.
Switch Officer Switch Officer
Get a final score of 50.
Switch Lieutenant Switch Lieutenant
Get a final score of 100.
Switch Commander Switch Commander
Get a final score of 250.
Switch Captain Switch Captain
Get a final score of 500.
Switch Commodore Switch Commodore
Get a final score of 750.
Switch Marshal Switch Marshal
Get a final score of 1,000.
Hyperdrive Hyperdrive
Overload your weapon power and hyperdrive to the next sector.
Sector Sweep Sector Sweep
Complete an entire sector without missing any power-ups.
Shields Online Shields Online
Acquire a shield.
The Big Red One The Big Red One
Kill an Incubator.
Xenocide Xenocide
Kill 10,000 aliens.
Power Shower Power Shower
Acquire 1,000 power-ups.
Ultrahyperdrive Ultrahyperdrive
Hyperdrive 250 times.
Yakety Sacs Yakety Sacs
Kill 50 Incubators.
7th Heaven 7th Heaven
Reach Sector 7.