Switch Galaxy Ultra Achievement List

Gold Finger Gold Finger
Beat the gold time in every level
Brunel's Dock Brunel’s Dock
Unlock and fully upgrade all ships in the game
Cheapskate Cheapskate
Play through the game without a single purchase
The Journey The Journey
Travel 5,000 Miles
High Flyer High Flyer
Hit 50 Jumps
On the Warpath On the Warpath
Destroy 100 Ships
The Survivalist The Survivalist
Beat 100,000 on Survival Mode
Robin Hood Robin Hood
Steal 2000 Credits
Gold Fingers Gold Fingers
Achieve gold times on all levels
Roger Dodger Roger Dodger
Achieve 20 minutes of play without seeing the slow down message
Travel bug Travel bug
Travel 10,000 miles
The Survivalist’s 2nd challenge The Survivalist’s 2nd challenge
Beat 200,000 on Survival Mode without any power ups
Brunel’s last voyage Brunel’s last voyage
Fully Upgrade the Orion