Sweezy Gunner Achievement List

Collect 5,000 Gold Collect 5,000 Gold
Awarded for collecting 5,000 gold, “you gots ta gets paid”
Collect 25,000 Gold Collect 25,000 Gold
Awarded for collecting 25,000 gold, “you got bank”
Collect 100,000 Gold Collect 100,000 Gold
Awarded for collecting 100,000 gold, “make it rain”
Collect 500,000 Gold Collect 500,000 Gold
Awarded for collecting 500,000 gold, “perhaps you should purchase a monocle”
Kill 1,000 Monsters Kill 1,000 Monsters
Awarded for killing 1,000 Monsters, “just getting warmed up”
Kill 5,000 Monsters Kill 5,000 Monsters
Awarded for killing 5,000 Monsters, “KILL FRENZY”
Kill 10,000 Monsters Kill 10,000 Monsters
Awarded for killing 10,000 Monsters, “How do sleep at night”
Lore of the Land Lore of the Land
Awarded for buying all extras
Sold Out Sold Out
Awarded for buying all of shop badges
Die Hard Die Hard
Awarded for the glory of death
Defeated Boss 1 Defeated Boss 1
Awarded for pwning the “Giant slug”
Defeated Boss 2 Defeated Boss 2
Awarded for pwning the “Emerald Crusher”
Defeated Boss 3 Defeated Boss 3
Awarded for pwning “Sdotroy”
Defeated Boss 4 Defeated Boss 4
Awarded for pwning “Blorbix”
Defeated Boss 5 Defeated Boss 5
Awarded for pwning “Twinkle Toes”
Defeated Boss 6 Defeated Boss 6
Awarded for pwning the “Rainbow Pig”
Power Up Power Up
Awarded for collecting 100 power ups “With great powers comes great responsibility”
Rapid Fire Rapid Fire
Awarded for shooting 50,000 bullets “Increasing your carbon footprint one cartridge at a time”
Gone the distance Gone the distance
Awarded for travelling loads
Gunderful Gunderful
Awarded for collecting 100 guns “Lock and load”
Shielded Shielded
Awarded for using your shield loads
Break it down Break it down
Awarded for smashing 250 objects
Slime Time Slime Time
Awarded for killing 2,000 slimes “Slime hatred”
Ice Cold Ice Cold
Awarded for reaching the “Twisted Tundra”
Dry as a Bone Dry as a Bone
Awarded for reaching the “Arid Dunes”
10 Jobs Complete 10 Jobs Complete
Awarded for completing 10 jobs for Modellos, “Working hard or hardly working”
All Jobs Complete All Jobs Complete
Awarded for completing all jobs for Modellos, “Work hard, play harder”
One of every Monster One of every Monster
Awarded for killing one of every Monster, “All must fall”
Well Travelled Well Travelled
Awarded for visiting every location on the map “Been there, done that”
Sweezy Coins Sweezy Coins
Awarded for collecting all Sweezy Coins “Bling Bling”
Monster Cards Monster Cards
Awarded for collecting one of every Monster Card “Stacking the deck”
Health Cores Health Cores
Awarded for collecting all Health Cores
25% Complete 25% Complete
Awarded for completing 25% of Sweezy Gunner “Baby Steps”
50% Complete 50% Complete
Awarded for completing 50% of Sweezy Gunner “Half way there”
75% Complete 75% Complete
Awarded for completing 75% of Sweezy Gunner “So close you can taste it”
100% Complete 100% Complete
Awarded for completing 100% of Sweezy Gunner “Thank you for loving Sweezy Gunner :D”
7 Challenges Complete 7 Challenges Complete
Awarded for completing 7 Sweezy Challenges “You got skills!”
14 Challenges Complete 14 Challenges Complete
Awarded for completing 14 Sweezy Challenges “Remember to blink!”
21 Challenges Complete 21 Challenges Complete
Awarded for completing 21 Sweezy Challenges “You like the taste of mayhem!”
28 Challenges Complete 28 Challenges Complete
Awarded for completing 28 Sweezy Challenges “You are a Sweezy Gunner legend!”