Swarm Arena Achievement List

First Steps First Steps
Beat the Teacher by “Title Rules, 3 Wins”
Insight Insight
Score 100.000 points
Genetic Adaption Genetic Adaption
Beat Pandora with Learning set to “Normal” by “Title Rules, 10 Wins”
Invincibility Invincibility
Score 100.000 points without getting hit
Willpower Willpower
Score a total of 1.000.000 points in 3 games or less
Global Potential Global Potential
Score 1.000.000 points
Out Of The Box Out Of The Box
Train Pandora to beat Genesis by “Title Rules, 3 Wins”
Network Link Network Link
Have 3 or more Steam Friends with a highscore in Swarm Arena
Side By Side Side By Side
Play 20 rounds against another human
Mastery Mastery
Beat Genesis by “Title Rules, 3 Wins”
Leader Leader
Get to the top of your Friends Leaderboard while having at least 3 Steam Friends with a highscore in Swarm Arena
Birth Birth
Play the Tutorial
Jester's Crown Jester’s Crown
Beat Jester by “Title Rules, 3 Wins”
Wings Wings
Beat Pioneer by “Title Rules, 3 Wins”
Multiplier Multiplier
Get a Score Multiplier of 250 or more