Super Win the Game Achievement List

Shiny! Shiny!
Collected one gem
Gem Activated Gem Activated
Collected 25% of gems
Clearly It's a Big Ol' Ruby Clearly It’s a Big Ol’ Ruby
Collected 50% of gems
Primarily Ruby and Python Primarily Ruby and Python
Collected 75% of gems
Some of My Secrets Some of My Secrets
Collected 100% of gems
Oops Oops
Died once
Seeing Red Seeing Red
Collected the Red Aura
Feeling Blue Feeling Blue
Collected the Blue Aura
Bouyant Bouyant
Collected the Springheel Boots
Upwardly Mobile Upwardly Mobile
Collected the Spider Gloves
Real Magic Real Magic
Collected the Tesla Badge
Splish Splash Splish Splash
Collected the Magic Snorkel
Into the Deep End Into the Deep End
Collected the Steelskin Catalyst
Security Flaw Security Flaw
Collected the Skeleton Key
Completionist Completionist
Collected the Pendant of the Sleepless
The Masque of the Cosmos The Masque of the Cosmos
Collected the Mask of the Arcadians
Anomalies Anomalies
Collected the Arcadians’ Seal
My Two Cents My Two Cents
Collected the Underworld Ticket
Ever the Wayfarer Ever the Wayfarer
Super Won the Game
Grab 'n' Go Grab ‘n’ Go
You took advantage of an opportunity
Muscle Memory Muscle Memory
You remembered something from your childhood
The Long Con The Long Con
You gave someone a second chance
I Had a Dream I Had a Dream
Played one dream sequence
They Overwrote My Soul They Overwrote My Soul
Played three dream sequences
With a Digital Copy With a Digital Copy
Played five dream sequences
They Thought No One Would Know They Thought No One Would Know
Played seven dream sequences
And They Were Right And They Were Right
Played nine dream sequences
Dysrhythmia Dysrhythmia
Found all the pieces of the king’s heart
It Is Imperative That You Make Haste It Is Imperative That You Make Haste
Finished one speedrun course
Somebody Left With the Cup Somebody Left With the Cup
Finished all speedrun courses
2spooky4me 2spooky4me
Won a race against a player ghost