Super VR Trainer Achievement List

Precognition Precognition
Don’t send back any shot for 60 seconds
Blacksmith Blacksmith
Change a sword color
Swords Master Swords Master
Survive up to the 6th wave using only a single sword
Iron Wall Iron Wall
Survive up to the 6th wave sending back every single shots
May the 4th May the 4th
Survive up to the 14th wave
Super Duel Super Duel
Kill a skeleton with an arrow from more than 50 meters
Be Efficient Be Efficient
Use a single arrow per enemy. Reach the 8th wave.
The Cave is Mine The Cave is Mine
Reach the 15th wave.
I'm in a hurry I’m in a hurry
Reach the 10th wave in less than 5 minutes
Dodge this Dodge this
Dodge more than 30 spears
The Sniper The Sniper
Survive up to the 8th wave with a 100% headshot rate
The Punisher The Punisher
Kill 100 zombies
Get me out Get me out
Survive up to the 10th wave in less than 7 minutes
Who said fear Who said fear
Reach the 5th wave in MORE than 4 minutes
Van Helsing Van Helsing
Kill the Lizardman more than 5 times
Slowmooootion Slowmooootion
Use the slow motion for more than 20 seconds in a game
Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!
Use the boost for more than 20 seconds in a game
Cross the line Cross the line
Cross the canyon, after the forest
Far far away Far far away
Reach a distance of 13000
I've seen things I’ve seen things
Reach a distance of 30000
Double Combo Double Combo
You have cleared 2 lines in one turn.
Triple Combo Triple Combo
You have cleared 3 lines in one turn.
Torus Ace Torus Ace
You have cleared 4 lines in one turn.
Turbo Lines Turbo Lines
You have cleared 4 lines in one turn in Turbo Mode.
Niagara Falls Niagara Falls
Use the down button in Turbo Mode for 20 seconds.
Extra time! Extra time!
Get extra time
Clean shot Clean shot
Make a clean shot
Ready to rumble Ready to rumble
Reach 20 points
Break hiscore Break hiscore
Beat your high score
Be Jordan Be Jordan
Reach 20 points in turbo mode