Super Splatters Achievement List

500 Stunts 500 Stunts
Reach a total of 500 stunts
5000 Stunts 5000 Stunts
Reach a total of 5,000 stunts
1,000 Fireworks 1,000 Fireworks
Explode 1,000 fireworks pods
10,000 Fireworks 10,000 Fireworks
Explode 10,000 fireworks pods
The Billionaire The Billionaire
Get 1,000,000,000 views overall
Death from above Death from above
Do 200 Air-Strikes
The Mammoth Tamer The Mammoth Tamer
Get 20 Mammoth explosions overall
You are a talent! You are a talent!
Finish all the “Easy” events in the game
Combo Nator Combo Nator
Finish 10 “Combo Rush” events
Hard Ball Hard Ball
Finish 10 Hard “Master Shot” events
First Pass First Pass
Achieve at least 1 star in all events
Zen Master Zen Master
Achieve 3-star rating for 10 “Master Shots” events
Trophy Box Trophy Box
Get any 30 trophies
Clever Shot Clever Shot
Generate 5 different stunts with a single splatter
Genius Spark Genius Spark
Generate 9 stunts with a single splatter
Master of Versatility Master of Versatility
Achieve 8 different stunts in a single level
Chain's Addiction Chain’s Addiction
Chain a single combo through an entire hard “Combo Rush” event
Beat the Master Beat the Master
Do more stunts than the 3-star rating of a hard “Master Shots” event
Slider Pro Slider Pro
Do 5 slides with a single splatter
Hidden Achievement
Splatters Uprising Splatters Uprising
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Superman Superman
Have your splatter change color while in mid air
Fire in the hole Fire in the hole
Throw fireworks pods off the stage
Sui-Splatter Sui-Splatter
Throw a splatter off the stage