Super Mega Bob Achievement List

Startup Startup
Looks like you made a new game!
Bob Killer Bob Killer
You destroyed an entire world! YOU MONSTER!!
Continuer Continuer
Pickin’ up where you left off, old friend.
Trey Trey
You know, as in ‘the 3rd.’ Because you used. . . you get it!
The End The End
Yeah, I know. . . the story videos could use work.
Total Pwnage! Total Pwnage!
All 160 levels? You are SERIOUS about this game!
Master of Disguise Master of Disguise
You sure do have a lot of costumes!
Hatterific Hatterific
You’ve got fashion, and the hats to prove it!
Upgrade Beast Upgrade Beast
I wish there were more upgrades for you to buy, but there ain’t!
Daylight Daylight
It’s day time! WOOT WOOT!
Evening Hours Evening Hours
The sun is setting and you’re achieving.
Night Owl Night Owl
You’re playing in the dark. What a HOOT!
Morning Riser Morning Riser
Wakey wakey all ye. . . wakey. People. Uh.
Rain Man Rain Man
It’s raining, and I’m an excellent driver.
Dusk Dare Dusk Dare
Dare ye to fight a boss at dusk? DARE YE?!
King Tutorial King Tutorial
Thou knowest how to play this game now!
Mountain Man Mountain Man
You’ve completed the first biome campaign. YAHOO!
Tell Your Mummy Tell Your Mummy
The sand couldn’t hold you back!
Leafing the Forest Leafing the Forest
You’re TREE to move on! OH HAR HAR!
Scary Good Job! Scary Good Job!
You took care of that biome, pumpkin 😉
Dark Tidings Dark Tidings
You beat the game and cleared the last biome campaign!
Age of Conquest Age of Conquest
Clear the entire Mountain Biome
Sands of Sacrifice Sands of Sacrifice
Clear the entire Desert Biome
You Woodn't! You Woodn’t!
Clear the entire Forest Biome
You Got Skulls You Got Skulls
Clear the entire Graveyard Biome
TENacious TENacious
Destroy ten enemies
50/50 50/50
Destroy 50 enemies
Century of Pain Century of Pain
Destroy 100 enemies
Quarter Killer Quarter Killer
Destroy 250 enemies
The Pentasplosion The Pentasplosion
Destroy 500 enemies
What A Boss! What A Boss!
Destroy 1,000 enemies!
Pentasplosion Redux Pentasplosion Redux
Destroy 1,500 enemies
Double Bossin' It Double Bossin’ It
Destroy 2,000 enemies!
Carnage Master Carnage Master
Destroy 4,000 enemies!
Beast Mode Beast Mode
Destroy 6,500 enemies!
The Grim Reaper The Grim Reaper
Destroy 10,000 enemies!
I Got One! I Got One!
Pick up one coin. Woo.
JOY! I Got Twenty JOY! I Got Twenty
Pick up 20 coins
Century of Riches Century of Riches
Pick up 100 coins
Makin' It Rain Makin’ It Rain
Pick up 250 coins
Pentacash Pentacash
Pick up 500 coins
Money Master Money Master
Pick up 2,000 coins!
Money Maker Money Maker
Pick up 5,000 coins!
Too Many Coins! Too Many Coins!
Pick up 11,000 coins!!
Insanity Insanity
Complete the whole game without taking any damage