Super Laser Racer Achievement List

Speed King Speed King
Win a race
Ace Pilot Ace Pilot
Complete a lap without taking any damage
Survivor Survivor
Win a Survivor quick race
Eliminator Eliminator
Win an Eliminator quick race
Space Farer Space Farer
Unlock all ships
Specialist Specialist
Earn a Special medal
Trophy Hunter Trophy Hunter
Unlock all tournaments (Hard)
Sharp Shooter Sharp Shooter
Destroy an opponent with the Cannon
Major Laser Major Laser
Destroy an opponent with a Laser
Plasmaster Plasmaster
Destroy an opponent with a Plasma
Heat Seeker Heat Seeker
Destroy an opponent with a Missile
Minefield Mayhem Minefield Mayhem
Destroy an opponent with Mines
Bomber Bomber
Destroy an opponent with a Bomb
Defender Defender
Use Shield to protect yourself from a Missile
Hunter Hunter
Destroy multiple enemies in a race
Bomb Disposal Bomb Disposal
Destroy a Bomb before it explodes
Pacifist Pacifist
Win a race without using a weapon
Kamikaze Kamikaze
Destroy an enemy in your death blast
Mastery Mastery
Special medal for Super tournament (Hard)
Completist Completist
Earn all the Special medals on all levels
Proximity Proximity
Destroy mine with an ECM blast
Tractor Factor Tractor Factor
Use tractor beam to overtake opponent
Super Fry Super Fry
Destroy an opponent with the Super Laser