Super Jagua Achievement List

Now I can buy a gold collar Now I can buy a gold collar
Collect 1000 coins
Heterei! Heterei!
Get a life
Right Then Right Then
Complete a level without pressing left
Space Time Dog Traveller Space Time Dog Traveller
Find an orb of translocation
Just in case Just in case
Obtain 50 lives
Jump Cost Effective Jump Cost Effective
Complete a level with a maximum of 18 jumps
Speed Run Speed Run
Complete level 21 in least than 35 seconds
Airborne Airborne
Jump on 7 enemies without touching the ground
Zone 1 Zone 1
Clear zone 1
Zone 2 Zone 2
Clear zone 2
Zone 3 Zone 3
Clear zone 3
Zone 4 Zone 4
Clear zone 4
Zone 5 Zone 5
Clear zone 5
Zone 6 Zone 6
Clear zone 6
Zone 7 Zone 7
Clear zone 7
Zone 8 Zone 8
Clear zone 8
Legendogry! Legendogry!
Beat game without taking any power up
Cheater! Cheater!
Enter a cheat code
Bad dog! Bad dog!
Get the 2nd ending
Poor dog! Poor dog!
Complete a level without collecting any coin
Hound dog Hound dog
Find the secret in the 3rd Castle
Mr Perfect Mr Perfect
Beat game without dying
Winning on the edge Winning on the edge
Beat the game with the last life
Sixth sense Sixth sense
Find a warp without using glasses
No dog left behind! No dog left behind!
Beat game without warp zones
Back in time for dinner Back in time for dinner
Beat game using all warp zones
Aquaphobia Aquaphobia
Win the level 19 without touching the water
Slow motion Slow motion
Complete a level without pressing run
Dogfish Dogfish
Complete a water level without touching the floor
Thank you! Thank you!
Watch the credits until the end