Super House of Dead Ninjas Achievement List

Ninja Novice Ninja Novice
Kill 50 enemies in a single game
Century Club Killa Century Club Killa
Kill 100 enemies in a single game
Quarter Mil Quarter Mil
Score 250,000 points in a single game
Half A Mil Half A Mil
Score 500,000 points in a single game
Murder Millionaire Murder Millionaire
Score 1,000,000 points in a single game
Multi Millionaire Multi Millionaire
Score 2,000,000 points in a single game
Wizard Wizard
Kill 100 enemies with magic in a single game
Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts
“Off with their heads!”
Mad Bomber Mad Bomber
Kill 5 enemies with bombs in one game
Grenadier Grenadier
Kill 20 enemies with bombs in one game
Explosives Expert Explosives Expert
Kill 50 enemies with bombs in one game
Gold Digger Gold Digger
Collect 100 treasures
Medium At Large Medium At Large
Have a conversation with 10 ghosts in one game
Dedication Dedication
Die 1000 times
Passive Aggressive Passive Aggressive
Descend 50 floors without killing anything
Catlike Reflexes Catlike Reflexes
Collect nine hearts in one game
Anger Mismanagement Anger Mismanagement
Achieve Rage five times in one game
Redemption Game Redemption Game
Collect 15 tickets
No Torment Too Great No Torment Too Great
Kill Torment
I'll Take The Other One I’ll Take The Other One
Defeat the One-Armed Ninja
Horror Show Horror Show
Kill Horror
Doom's Day Doom’s Day
Kill Doom
Disgust Dusted Disgust Dusted
Kill Disgust
The Ultimate Ninja The Ultimate Ninja
Kill Abarghus
Anti-Magic Anti-Magic
Beat the game without ever using magic
Bomb Free Bomb Free
Beat the game without ever using bombs
No Throw No Throw
Beat the game without ever using projectiles
7 Minutes In Hell 7 Minutes In Hell
Beat the game in under 7 minutes
Chaotic Good Chaotic Good
Beat the game with Chaos Mode active
Fungal Friend Fungal Friend
Run through Transdimensional Leakage without killing any mushrooms
Just Browsing Just Browsing
Play at least 10 custom levels
Master Builder Master Builder
Publish a Custom Map
Tinker Tailor Tinker Tailor
Create 4 custom costumes
The Hard Stuff The Hard Stuff
Beat the game on Hard / See the True Ending
Go Ninja! Go Ninja!
Complete the game on “Ninja” difficulty, starting from the roof.
Impossible Mission Impossible Mission
Reach the bottom of Abarghus’ Domain on “Ninja” difficulty.
Stuff Of Nightmares Stuff Of Nightmares
Complete Transdimensional Leakage on “Ninja” difficulty.
Boss Rush Hard Boss Rush Hard
Complete Boss Rush on “Hard”.
Boss Rush Ninja Boss Rush Ninja
Complete Boss Rush on “Ninja”.
One-Armed Challenge One-Armed Challenge
Complete the game with the One-Armed Ninja.
6 Minute Dash 6 Minute Dash
Achieve a 6 minute speed run or less on “Hard”.
6 Minutes Of Madness 6 Minutes Of Madness
Achieve a 6 minute speed run or less on “Ninja”.
500K Ninja 500K Ninja
Score 500,000 points in Ninja mode.
High Scoring Ninja High Scoring Ninja
Score 1 million points in Ninja mode.