Strawberry Vinegar Achievement List

Sherbet Nightmare Sherbet Nightmare
Encountered a fearsome demon.
Decadent Darkness Decadent Darkness
Embarassed a fearsome demon.
Lotus Blossoms Lotus Blossoms
Forgot everything.
Bittersweet Goodbye Bittersweet Goodbye
Said a sad farewell.
Sweetness and Light Sweetness and Light
Became Licia’s best friend.
Strawberry Kisses Strawberry Kisses
Became Licia’s (long-suffering) girlfriend.
In the Miso Soup In the Miso Soup
Ate miso soup.
Cookies Cookies
Baked cookies.
Natto Natto
Ate natto (begrudingly).
Tempura Shrimp Tempura Shrimp
Ate tempura shrimp – plus sides!
Chestnut Pudding Chestnut Pudding
Gave Licia a chestnut pudding.
Apple Rose Tarts Apple Rose Tarts
Baked apple rose tarts.
Takoyaki Takoyaki
Ate takoyaki.
Corncob Corncob
Watched a fearsome(?) demon eat a corncob.
Shaved Ice Shaved Ice
Ate shaved ice.
Chichi Dango Chichi Dango
Ate chichi dango.
Candyfloss Candyfloss
Ate candyfloss.
Onigiri Onigiri
Bought Licia an onigiri.
Chicken Cutlet Sandwiches Chicken Cutlet Sandwiches
Made Licia some chicken cutlet sandwiches.
Crêpe it Real Crêpe it Real
Bought Licia a crêpe.
Pancakes Pancakes
Made Licia pancakes.
Rice Porridge Rice Porridge
Made Licia rice porridge.
Risotto Risotto
Made Licia strawberry risotto.
Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Shortcake
Baked Licia a cake.
Pickled Plums Pickled Plums
Ate pickled plums.
Omelette Rice Omelette Rice
Ordered omelette rice.
Hamburger Steak Hamburger Steak
Ordered a hamburger steak.
Strawberry Sundae Strawberry Sundae
Savored a strawberry sundae.