Strata Achievement List

First Perfect First Perfect
Complete your first Perfect Puzzles
Ten Perfect Ten Perfect
Complete 10 Perfect Puzzles
Fifty Perfects Fifty Perfects
Complete 50 Perfect Puzzles
100 Perfects 100 Perfects
Complete 100 Perfect Puzzles
200 Perfects 200 Perfects
Complete 200 Perfect Puzzles
Complete Tutorial Complete Tutorial
Complete the Tutorial
Entwine Set Completed Entwine Set Completed
Complete the Entwine Set
Entwine Set Perfected Entwine Set Perfected
Perfect the entire Entwine Set
Flourish Set Completed Flourish Set Completed
Complete the Flourish Set
Flourish Set Perfected Flourish Set Perfected
Perfect the entire Flourish Set
Persist Set Completed Persist Set Completed
Complete the Persist Set
Persist Set Perfected Persist Set Perfected
Perfect the entire Persist Set
Prodigy Set Completed Prodigy Set Completed
Complete the Prodigy Set
Prodigy Set Perfected Prodigy Set Perfected
Perfect the entire Prodigy Set
Sundry Set Completed Sundry Set Completed
Complete the Sundry Set
Sundry Set Perfected Sundry Set Perfected
Perfect the entire Sundry Set
First 3x3 Completed First 3×3 Completed
Complete a 3×3 puzzle
First 3x3 Perfected First 3×3 Perfected
Perfect a 3×3 puzzle
First 4x4 Completed First 4×4 Completed
Complete a 4×4 puzzle
First 4x4 Perfected First 4×4 Perfected
Perfect a 4×4 puzzle
First 5x5 Completed First 5×5 Completed
Complete a 5×5 puzzle
First 5x5 Perfected First 5×5 Perfected
Perfect a 5×5 puzzle
First 6x6 Completed First 6×6 Completed
Complete a 6×6 puzzle
First 6x6 Perfected First 6×6 Perfected
Perfect a 6×6 puzzle