Storm in a Teacup Achievement List

Take a Bow Take a Bow
Achieve a Perfect on the credits level.
Complete Bonus Complete Bonus
Complete all of the bonus levels.
Perfect Bonus Perfect Bonus
Achieve a Perfect on each bonus level.
Challenge Complete Challenge Complete
Complete all of the challenge levels.
Perfect Challenge Perfect Challenge
Achieve a Perfect on each challenge level.
Survival Guide Survival Guide
Score 30 or more in any survival level.
Survival of the Fittest Survival of the Fittest
Score 30 or more in all of the survival levels.
Living the Dream Living the Dream
Complete all of the story levels.
Perfect Ten Perfect Ten
Achieve a Perfect in 10 or more story levels.
Twenty's Plenty Twenty’s Plenty
Achieve a Perfect in 20 or more story levels.
Thirty-Something Thirty-Something
Achieve a Perfect in 30 or more story levels.
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Achieve a Perfect on each story level.
The Collector The Collector
Collect each Sticker from every story level.
Pretty Sweet Pretty Sweet
Collect all of the Sugar from the story levels.
One Lump, or Two? One Lump, or Two?
Complete level 15 having only collected one or two Sugars.
Don't Look Back Don’t Look Back
Complete level 22 without pushing left.
Don't Jump Don’t Jump
Complete a level without jumping.
Breakout! Breakout!
Complete level 38 without getting the key.
Black Tea Black Tea
Complete a level without collecting any sugar.