Stellaris Achievement List

Brave New World Brave New World
Colonize a planet
Digging Deep Digging Deep
Earn a total Mineral income each month above 250
The Industrial Re-Revolution The Industrial Re-Revolution
Earn a total Mineral income each month above 1000
Energetic Energetic
Store/have 1000 EC
Power Overwhelming Power Overwhelming
Store/have 5000 EC
Birth of a Federation Birth of a Federation
Establish a Federation
New Shining Star New Shining Star
Upgrade your capital to an Imperial Complex
Battle Thralls Battle Thralls
Have 3 other Empires as vassals
Explorer Explorer
Survey one of each basic planet-class
Grand Admiral Grand Admiral
Empire total fleet military power equals 100000
Building Better Worlds Building Better Worlds
Terraform a planet
Domo Arigato Domo Arigato
Build a Robot Pop
Clever Girl Clever Girl
Uplift a species
Faster, Stronger, Better Faster, Stronger, Better
Genetically alter a species (not uplift)
The Grand Fleet The Grand Fleet
Build a fleet with a total fleet-size above 120
A Home Away From Home A Home Away From Home
Conquer another species homeworld
Break On Through... Break On Through…
Research a Rare technology
... To The Other Side … To The Other Side
Research 15 Rare technologies in a single game
Mutual Understanding Mutual Understanding
Successfully negotiate a trade deal
Supremacy Supremacy
Win a War against another Empire
Queening Queening
Successfully capture an extragalactic matriarch
Rift Sealed Rift Sealed
Destroy the portals employed by the invaders from another time and space
Voight-Kampff Voight-Kampff
Develop the means to prevent nefarious infiltration