Steel Rain Achievement List

Railgun fanatic Railgun fanatic
Finish a stage using only formation A
Appreciable difference Appreciable difference
Install first upgrade
Shopping queen Shopping queen
Install 10+ upgrades
Little helper Little helper
Get a drone pet
Tourist Tourist
Visit all Hangar areas
Felt like 10 Felt like 10
1000+ Kills
Felt like 100 Felt like 100
10000+ Kills
Millionaire Millionaire
Hold your first million credits
I feel stronger I feel stronger
First core level up
Time for upgrades Time for upgrades
Reach core level 5+
New league New league
Reach core level 10+
Gaea Prime Gaea Prime
Complete all Missions on Planet 1
Mondera III Mondera III
Complete all Missions on Planet 2
Glacus Prime Glacus Prime
Complete all Missions on Planet 3
Zlyere V Zlyere V
Complete all Missions on Planet 4
New Andaman New Andaman
Complete all Missions on Planet 5
Atavus Nex Atavus Nex
Complete all Missions on Planet 6
Xenox Prime Xenox Prime
Complete all Missions on Planet 7
Steel Rain Steel Rain
Finish all Missions on all Planets
Bankier Bankier
Hold 100k + credits
Big caliber Big caliber
Finish a stage using only formation B
Laser power Laser power
Finish a stage using only formation C
Rank fighter Rank fighter
Visit the leaderboard area in the hangar
Swiss cheese Swiss cheese
Shoot your main laser for 1minute overall time
Real power Real power
Reach core level 50
Settler Settler
Colonize a planet
Hammer & laser Hammer & laser
Finish your first construction
Terraformer Terraformer
Build 10 or more Habitats
Business man Business man
Build a harvester next to a trading hub
My Empire My Empire
Colonize all planets
Content Hunter Content Hunter
Download a new stage from the workshop
Creative Mind Creative Mind
Place 100+ editor objects
Try mine Try mine
Share a new created stage
Leveldesigner Leveldesigner
Create and share 4+ stages
Student Student
Research your first new Technologie
Professor Professor
Research 5+ Technologies
Mastermind Mastermind
Research all Technologies
More please! More please!
Learn your first firemode Skill
Multitalent Multitalent
Learn at least 1 skill of each firemode color skills
Reach the sun Reach the sun
Learn your first active max skill of any firemode
Skill Master Skill Master
Learn all firemode skills
Steel armor Steel armor
Install all armor uprgades
Massive Damage Massive Damage
Install all Firemode upgrades
Minion Master Minion Master
Purchase all Drones
One for each day One for each day
Purchase all Wings
Armageddon Armageddon
Install all bomb upgrades
Mode tester Mode tester
Play all 6 firemodes in each of the 3 formations
Never enough Never enough
Collect 100 powerups
Too easy Too easy
Finish a stage in hardcore mode
Ran-King Ran-King
Reach S ranking
Bring it on Bring it on
Finish Stage in max difficulty
Wholesale Wholesale
Purchase all upgrades
Masters Choice Masters Choice
Finish a stage without changing the firemode color
Will of Steel Will of Steel
Finish all Planets in Max difficulty
Hardcore Hardcore
Finish all planets in hardcore mode
Cheater Cheater
Finish all planets in hardcore mode and at max difficulty
Orbit Patrol Orbit Patrol
Finish Orbit Patrol Mission
Evasion Evasion
Evade enemy lasers in open formation C, with one wing on the left and one wing on the right side of the laser.
Knowledge is Power Knowledge is Power
Research all technologies in a category
Steel Citadel Steel Citadel
Research and build a steel citadel
Missile overdose Missile overdose
Install all missile upgrades
Flying Ace Flying Ace
Evade 10 enemy lasers in formation C on the same height
Steel Virgin Steel Virgin
Finish Stage 1
Mechanic Mechanic
Repair 100 hull points
Nimble Nimble
Finish a stage without taking damage
Ghost Ghost
Hide your core and wings for a stealth attack from below
Cash for Rep Cash for Rep
Use the yellow firemode to convert credit drops into repair kits (Skill required)
Combo Boost Combo Boost
Finish a 20+ combo
Combo Master Combo Master
Finish a 50+ combo
Steel Combo Steel Combo
Finish a 100+ combo
Defender Defender
Defend a colony from attackers
Mechacorn Mechacorn
Find and kill the hidden bonus boss
Boss Hunter Boss Hunter
Unlock and finish the boss mode
Tamer Tamer
Finish the hidden boss encounter in hardcore mode and max difficulty
Boss Master Boss Master
Finish a boss run in hardcore mode and max difficulty
Cleaner Cleaner
Destroy 20+ enemy mines in formation C
Legendary Legendary
Complete 3+ stages in legendary mode
Telaros Rift Telaros Rift
Complete all missions on planet 8
Elite Pilot Elite Pilot
Max out one of the elite skills
Space Quest Space Quest
Finish your first colony quest
Epic Quest Epic Quest
Finish a S ranked colony quest
Quest Master Quest Master
Finish 10 Quests