Steam and Metal Achievement List

City level done City level done
Beat level 1.
Citadel level done Citadel level done
Beat level 2.
Ice level done Ice level done
Beat level 3.
Sea level done Sea level done
Beat level 4.
Desert level done Desert level done
Beat level 5.
Made it! Made it!
Complete the game.
No air-torpedos No air-torpedos
Level beaten without air-torpedos.
I like smell of napalm in the morning I like smell of napalm in the morning
Destroy 24 aircraft continuously
Flying death Flying death
Destroy 69 aircraft continuously
Addicted exterminator Addicted exterminator
Destroy 111 aircraft continuously
Ace Ace
666 aircraft shotten.
Elite pilot Elite pilot
1337 aircraft shotten.
Pokryshkin Pokryshkin
10000 aircraft shotten.
Good accuracy Good accuracy
Achieve accuracy 25%
Two shots one kill Two shots one kill
Achieve shooting accuracy 50%
Master of accuracy Master of accuracy
Achieve shooting accuracy 77%
No scratch No scratch
Level is beaten without a single scratch.
Fired as chicken Fired as chicken
Kill 30+ enemies with a single(!) air-torpedo.
Oldschool shmuper Oldschool shmuper
Beat the game on hard.
Hippie Hippie
Pass through level without kill anybody but boss.
Bonus greed Bonus greed
Take 1000+ bonuses on level.
No life wasted No life wasted
Accomplish level without lossing a single life.
Rank A Rank A
Accomplish level with rank A.
Rank F Rank F
Accomplish level with rank F.
Kill 'em all Kill ’em all
Destroy 100 aircraft in one level.
Megadeth Megadeth
Destroy 200 aircraft in one level.
Kill 300 Kill 300
Destroy 300 aircraft in one level.
Score 1000000+ Score 1000000+
Beat game with score one million or more!