Starship Annihilator Achievement List

Harimu is dead Harimu is dead
You killed your first boss
Vorotexon is dead Vorotexon is dead
Hey! You killed the second one.
Numaegia is dead Numaegia is dead
Oh! This is the third one!
Ivoxyn is dead Ivoxyn is dead
You killed the fourth, you are close to victory
Vumor is dead Vumor is dead
This is a half way…
Rielareer is dead Rielareer is dead
It looks like you know what you’re doing
Khoraishtia is dead Khoraishtia is dead
Soon it’s over…
Nybos is dead Nybos is dead
Mankind has a chance…
Acizel is dead Acizel is dead
There were couple of steps…
Coriamu is dead... Coriamu is dead…
You did it…
First in Space First in Space
You are the first
Defender Defender
You saved mankind!
You have killed 666 enemies