Star Traders: 4X Empires Achievement List

Hero of the Stars Hero of the Stars
Win Tutorial Level on Normal Difficulty
Warmaster Warmaster
Destroy 3 Xeno Ships in one Turn
Vanguard Warmaster Vanguard Warmaster
Destroy 6 Xeno Ships in one Turn
Paragon Warmaster Paragon Warmaster
Destroy 9 Xeno Ships in one Turn
Scorched Earth Scorched Earth
Reduce a Xeno System to 0 Quality
Templar Invader Templar Invader
Capture a Xeno System with 8+ Quality
Zendu Master Zendu Master
Win a game against 3 Xeno Enemies
Junior Scientist Junior Scientist
Research 25 Techs successfully
Senior Scientist Senior Scientist
Research 50 Techs successfully
Expert Scientist Expert Scientist
Research 100 Techs successfully
Hidden Achievement
Paragon Scientist Paragon Scientist
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Trade Minister Trade Minister
Achieve 3 Trade Routes simultaneously
Legendary Politician Legendary Politician
Achieve 3 Trade Alliances simultaneously
Hand of Shalun Hand of Shalun
Achieve 3 Alliances simultaneously
Clan Paragon Clan Paragon
Win a game with the 3 Clans on Hard
Syndicate Overlord Syndicate Overlord
Win a game with the 3 Syndicates on Hard