Star Nomad 2 Achievement List

Dogfight Specialist Dogfight Specialist
Fast & furious got nothing on you!
Frigate Fragfest Frigate Fragfest
Frigates are just another statistic…
Cruising for a Bruising Cruising for a Bruising
Destroying Cruisers equals a good workout!
Big Game Hunter Big Game Hunter
Capital Ships crumble before you!
Exterminator Exterminator
You eat Scum & Pirates for breakfast!
Baconator Baconator
You turn Space Pigs into deliciousness!
Hunter Becomes Hunted Hunter Becomes Hunted
There’s an Alpha Predator & it’s you!
Plunderer Plunderer
Crush them & hear their lamentations!
Pacifier Pacifier
Zerkers just need to chill-out man!
Liberator Liberator
Liberate humanity from the Imperials!
Xenophobe Xenophobe
Free humanity from the Xeno taint!
Mortalizer Mortalizer
Restore the Human Condition to immortals!
Fixer Fixer
Big or small, trade crises will be fixed!
Assassin's Greed Assassin’s Greed
You fight for a paycheck & you like it!
Geonator Geonator
You are a mass murderer of asteroids!
Contra Lord Contra Lord
Empires drown under your contrabands!
Bootilicious Bootilicious
Everybody loves a nice & big booty!
Drone Kamikaze Drone Kamikaze
Throwing drones at the problem!
Dimensional Addict Dimensional Addict
E-Warping gives you a major high!
Expendables Expendables
Sacrifices for the greater good… You!